The Great Northern



Our team of three, Jonathan Combs, Elizabeth (EB) Combs & Rachel Nichols, originally began working alongside one another designing brand identities. While working for brands within the outdoor industry, we recognized how often companies are able to prioritize photography or design, but rarely both. Without the two working hand in hand, there is often a disconnect in a brand's representation - an identity crisis if you will. 

Easy fix, right? Simply value both. Speaking of value - smart design and epic photography aren't cheap. Add it all up and your marketing budget can become astronomical and potentially unattainable, especially if you're a brand that's just emerging onto the market with limited capital. Our economical solution to this challenge is to invite you to partner with us along our journeys. Each month, we're making our way to fantastically beautiful landscapes. Whether it's in Colorado or across the globe, there's always something on our radar. 

Partner with us on specific trips, and we can equip you with seasonally fresh content that gets your brand out of its rut, and into a whole new realm of awe-inspiring content.



We’re constantly on the move,  

and we want to invite you to be a part of our journey. 



day trips

From our home base of Denver, Colorado, we have access to a variety of amazing spots - whether it's snow capped mountains, alpine lakes, rocky canyons or colorful valleys, our beloved CO never disappoints. Inquire below for a list of upcoming destinations. 



Warm days, cool nights - whether it's car camping or backpacking, we're often spending the night in the elements. Nothing beats a bright night sky, plus overnights give us more of the sunrise and sunset glory we're always after. 





Each year, we take a trip or two that are more extreme departures from the Colorado norm - Costa Rica, New Zealand, Patagonia, Norway and Iceland to name a few. These spots are as wild and beautiful as they sound. Where are we headed this year? Contact us for our 2017 schedule.


custom Lifestyle shoot

Many of our partners have specific asks for their content needs. Custom shoots allow us to work hand in hand to tailor imagery that delivers on numerous levels. Crazy about a specific landscape? Need more detail-oriented or vast environment shots? Just ask. We'll make it happen.



Seasonal retainers are also available. Simply inquire, and we can tailor a quote to fit your budget and needs. 




We rest, reset and edit our hearts out in Denver, Colorado. Contact us above to inquire about partnering with us on a trip or if you have another general inquiry. You can also email us directly at hello[at]grtntn[dot]co